Thursday, October 14, 2010

Accidents, Insurance, and Lawyers...

So my cousin got into a car accident today...about 25 miles from where he lives, a guy ran a red light and slammed into his left side. Luckily no one was hurt...However, unfortunately, the other driver (a 30 year old man, no less) had NO INSURANCE. He had payed the UMF, apparently, and never planned on hitting anyone. He was also trying to claim that he didn't run the light, but that's pretty obviously not true.

Well, my cousin's car is totaled, and being 21, he doesn't have coverage on his own it's probably going to go to court. That sucks...because not only will his rates go up, but he will have to pay lawyer fees for what should be his rightfully...


Will let you guys know how the story develops.


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  2. Man that really sucks... Hope things turn out well for your cousin.
    Thanks for the follow, by the way!

  3. Luckily no one was seriously injured. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. sorry about your cousin. hope everything turns out okay.

  6. Well at least nobody was hurt. Could always be much worse.

  7. I think id die if that happened to me :/

  8. That really sucks, bad drivers really piss me off

  9. Man sometimes I hate people! Well stupid ones anyway that don't think things will happen to them. Let us know!

  10. not coooooooooooooooooooo ma nigg

  11. This was soo interesting to read..

  12. At least he's fine. Cars are replaceable.